A Peculiar Bird with Notable Feet


A Peculiar Bird with Notable Feet, Pencil and watercolor

Dec. 21, 2013: I went to draw up a sketch of Christmas cardinals and instead worked on a blue footed booby. How these things happen, I don’t know. I took up a large sheet of newspaper and the bird took up more picture than again I intended. My daughter busy with her own drawing, chastised me for not including the blue feet. Thinking myself clever, I drew a pair of feet on the upper left of the page, filling them with blue water color. With self assurance of gratitude, I asked her how she liked the picture now. She said it was fine. I now understand it wasn’t that she wanted to see blue feet, but that they were altogether missing on a bird she was growing attached to on the paper.

After some time had passed, she asked with a  giggle and a twinkle in her eye why we called them blue footed boobies. Not because of her interest in peculiar birds with notable feet, but because she could work in the word booby into general conversation. I explained to her people’s perception of the bird as being not intelligent and clumsy, but is in fact an accomplished hunter of fish. She thinks people can be mean, I agree.


June’s Sketchbook

June 30, 2013: With it being the end of the month, I will share some highlights from my sketchbook. I have been playing with shadows, landscape/perspectives and with a new medium, oil pastels. It is fun to take on new challenges and see where this takes me. I have been doing quite a bit of practicing and I think I am honing in on a master painting. I have a couple of ideas on the mediums and subjects. Over the next few weeks, I will get to work and that will be my challenge for July.

June 2013 Sketchbook, in oil-pastel, watercolor, and pencil

June 2013 Sketchbook, Mary Champagne, in oil-pastel, watercolor, and pencil

My daughter has had some pull in what was posted in this sketchbook. Not everything here is a picture of a bird and particularly there is a picture of my daughter at the park and the other is a bunny rabbit. My daughter is insistent that I include a picture of her bunny named Cinderella! As she said, “I would like it to be on the internet.”