Shortcomings and a Blue Bird’s Beginning

Blue Bird's Beginnings

Blue Bird’s Beginnings in Charcoal

Jan. 1, 2013: It was pointed out to me today that I am not being attentive and why do I interject where I do and when I choose not too. Well, I have no answer and I still don’t have one. Why do the things I do? It is apart of my nature. Can one change their nature? Why change it? Can a person have a bad nature? Of course I am working on this blue bird. This one which will take weeks to complete. It too is my shortcoming and will consume my time. I will pursue this little creature and what it brings to the end. I can not help myself nor it.


New Paint makes ‘The Early Bird’!

I am excited that I have new watercolor paint! I have tried some new techniques and I am seeing how they work on the paper. I am thus far happy with the result, which is thrilling. My husband has found the battery charger for our camera so I can take some pictures for future paintings…YEAH! I am preparing to make some landscape paintings. I have one sketched out and I am looking forward to stretching my wings with the new paint!

Mary Champagne

The Early Bird, watercolor, Mary Champagne, blue bird