June’s Sketchbook

June 30, 2013: With it being the end of the month, I will share some highlights from my sketchbook. I have been playing with shadows, landscape/perspectives and with a new medium, oil pastels. It is fun to take on new challenges and see where this takes me. I have been doing quite a bit of practicing and I think I am honing in on a master painting. I have a couple of ideas on the mediums and subjects. Over the next few weeks, I will get to work and that will be my challenge for July.

June 2013 Sketchbook, in oil-pastel, watercolor, and pencil

June 2013 Sketchbook, Mary Champagne, in oil-pastel, watercolor, and pencil

My daughter has had some pull in what was posted in this sketchbook. Not everything here is a picture of a bird and particularly there is a picture of my daughter at the park and the other is a bunny rabbit. My daughter is insistent that I include a picture of her bunny named Cinderella! As she said, “I would like it to be on the internet.”