Swan Lake

June 1, 2013:  A couple of weeks ago I was working on this swan painting. Like most birds, I have a fondness for swans. They look graceful in the water and like they are overcoming the impossible when they take to flight. Their bulk defies gravity with determination and use of their wings. I often see them while walking the wetlands not so far from where I am. These swans are finicky though, and hardly let me get a look at them. I set to painting one in a way that I never get to see them, close up and in the face. I was entertained at the swan’s bright bill and blue eyes. It was a quick watercolor painting. I shared it at Paint My Picture and now I have also shared it here.

Swan at Swan Lake

A short while later, after starting the swan watercolor, my sister had talked about a trip that she had taken to a place called Swan Lake. Her picture was beautiful. It appeared just like how I would expect a mystical forest with a pond to look, complete with swan gracing its pond. I have been working on landscape pictures and I took to working on sketching the photo. I have been focusing in on water. I always seem to shy away from trying to capturing it. But alas the world if filled with water and avoiding it is well, silly. So here is my sketch of Swan Lake.

Swan Lake


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