A Drabble on Valor

May 31, 2013: One Chickadee, I have been cheating on you. I have not been posting here, but elsewhere on the internet, completely neglecting you. I am sorry. I know that this arises because I become uneasy and self-conscious. I am anonymous elsewhere on the web and I have been using this to shelter myself from possible rejection. But then what is the point. The art, writing, creativity will not improve and will be lost to obscurity. So reaffirming my commitment to One Chickadee, I will share what I have been up to this last week in a couple of posts.

The Mad Art Lab was having a drabble contest. The topic was valor. I had posted it there, a late entry as I was wrong on the deadline, but I posted it there none the less. I present a drabble on Valor.

Valor: A Drabble by Mary Champagne

She lay writhing in the grass, her body grossly deformed, her 
determination absolute. She could hear the soft approach of 
nearly silent footsteps. Her heart drummed in anticipation, 
confident her enemy had followed her. Sensing the end, she 
twisted her head up to see the shielding distance between 
them close. Her enemy was ferocious and hungry for survival.
In one swift motion she righted herself, spread her wings
and took flight. She made a large, sweeping circle and 
returned to her nest. Her young were safe, beaks open awaiting
her return. She took to the wing to hunt their breakfast.

The heroine in the story is a female killdeer. They are known for lying in the grass, maybe flopping around, with a wing twisted out in the hope to appear injured to a predator leading it away from the nest. When the predator is lured away the killdeer will fly up and out from harm. This selfless bird behavior helps me to define valor.


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