Following One Chickadee, From May’s Sketchbook

May 25, 2013: We are twenty posts and a month into One Chickadee. It has been great! I have had many conversations with you, the readers, about birds and art. It turns out many of you are keeping your eyes on the skies and to the ground for our feathered friends. Also some of you have shared with me a secret love for poetry or maybe that you hadn’t even realized it until you read some here. That is so awesome! I am so glad you are enjoying the site and thank you for visiting. You are all awesome and are welcome to keep coming back to One Chickadee! With this being the final week in May I will share my sketch book from the last four weeks.

May Sketchbook, Mary Champagne

May Sketchbook, Mary Champagne

Before we part ways, I would like to talk about following One Chickadee. I have noticed there are a few people following through use of clicking on greenstone123 when I comment on other blogs. (This is great! It does work to get here, I just would like to talk about possible ways to follow a little easier!) I have also been asked directly how best to keep up with One Chickadee posts. So here are some solutions.

  • There is a ‘One Chickadee’ facebook page! It is located at You are welcome to click on the link. By liking this page you will get updates about One Chickadee under your ‘page feeds’ and in your status updates on facebook.
  • You can also follow by clicking the tab in the bottom right corner of the screen. Insert your email address and get new posts delivered directly to your inbox.
  • For those who use RSS feeds, on the right hand side under ‘Meta’ you can click on ‘Entries RSS’ and follow the prompt.

A note on twitter. I do not use twitter as I do not have a portable device to tweet on. Since I cannot readily respond to tweets or send them when away from the computer, I prefer not to have an account at this time.

If you have questions about following One Chickadee, or one of these methods is not working for you please contact me. I am learning too and there maybe things I am missing. If anyone has any suggestions on improving ‘One Chickadee’ please email, comment here or on the facebook page.


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