Hatching out a new header at One Chickadee!

May 21, 2013: I have changed the header. For those interested on how I accomplished this, read on. I made use of my digital camera capturing an image of a charcoal drawing I had done last summer, use of ‘paint’, and determined an overall design. The pixel size for my header is 276 high x 1015 long. I had decided on the charcoal picture as I thought the grays and blacks would work well with the grays in the background picture. I also thought that the charcoal bird on the side would introduce the blog well. I took the digital picture of the charcoal bird and sized it to the proper height and placed it within the paint window. I had wanted a solid background on which to put the text. I used the ‘eyedropper’ tool in paint and grabbed a gray shade from the bird. I finally found the right shade of grade and painted in all the white. I zoomed in and cleaned up around the bird to give it a crisp and finished appearance. I added a crayon styled boarder and text. Tada, One Chickadee gets a new header! Yeah to paint!


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