Observations at the Feeder

Today was one of those rare days. The house was quiet and everyone was gone. My husband had gone to work this morning and when he returned at lunch, had agreed to take my daughter to school and went and worked on his projects elsewhere. He asked me if I wanted to go. I did not, but instead seized the opportunity to have some quiet time. After they had left, I was sitting in the kitchen where we have placed a small round table beside the kitchen window and on the other side of that window there is a bird feeder that my daughter and husband had made earlier this spring. Beside the feeder and on the corner of the house is the sort of tree that flowers in the early spring. With each passing breeze, it is losing its small delicate pedals in a sort of flowery rain in whites and pinks. Watching the pedals fall away was like marking time. The tree will soon be bare of flowers and full of leaves. Perhaps there will be a bird nest? The birds were coming in to feed on the sunflower seeds in the feeder. I poured myself out a second espresso and sat with the window open. It felt like bliss!

“Observations at the Feeder”
By: Mary Champagne

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