Spring with Royalty!

April 27, 2013: Today was a spring day. There is a sweet smell outside making a grand entrance for spring after its late arrival this year. My Mom  recently purchased and moved into a home. She and her husband are wrapping up the care on the inside of the house and with the promise of warmer weather, have turned their attention outdoors. As we walked the yard, it had begun to rain. It was the most pleasant kind of slow, warm rain that seems to gently awaken the plants and trees from winter. We tried to look past problem areas and squinted just a bit, in effort to imagine how best to work with the backyard, what features to keep and which ones to dispose of. We talked over the best course of action and made some plans. My mom had recently discovered and shared with me that there were other inhabitants that have been calling this place home too. Under a bedroom window, in a tidy little nest, a robin had laid three eggs, blue and perfect. Just the sort of thing that is welcome, but can never be ordered. As we rounded to the backyard a pileated woodpecker  appeared, like royalty complete with a bright red crown, taking roost in a large dead tree right on the property line, that abutted to the woods. It was a grand and wonderful sight to see. In honor of that woodpecker I present, Spring with Royalty!

Spring with Royalty, One Chickadee, Mary Champagne

Spring with Royalty, watercolor, One Chickadee, Mary Champagne



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