Along the trail, a pheasant!

Dec. 2, 2012: Today the family and I went for a trail walk. Shortly before the walk my daughter and I were enjoying our new Gray’s Journal. The product of this luxury produced itself when my daughter insisted we ‘stalk’ some deer. We left the trail finding ourselves cross-country looking for scrapes, droppings, and tracks. Finding adequate *sign* of deer, my daughter was satisfied. We saw where rabbits had nibbled the small trees. Then suddenly the silence was broken by the call of a pheasant. We looked up and saw a rooster broadside. It’s wings and tail spread in perfect profile. We watched it flush just over the tallest grasses in the meadow. My husband and I tried to race to where it was to catch another glance, a futile attempt, but fun none the less. Inspired I sketched a pheasant.

rooster 4.2013


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