The hunter was out

Nov. 17, 2012: I found myself in the woods today. The temperature was unusually high in the fifties for the month of November. With the sun out, we could not bear to be inside. My family and I ended a drive in the country at the cross-country trials at Delta College. Shortly after entering the woods I caught the grand wings of a very large bird. When I turned my head, I saw a barn owl alight on the branch a hardwood, empty of leaves and back lite by the southerly sun. How exciting it was to see the hunter out. With the weather being as it is, the little animals must also be on the move and the owl was taking advantage of the situation with an early afternoon hunt. It was a grand site and rather than further disturb it we returned our attention to the trail. We spotted a great red tailed hawk, which had made its perch beside a recently harvested cornfield. No mice or small furry things are safe for a leisurely stroll, like that we took today.


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