Did you have nature in your hand?

Nov. 4, 2012: This afternoon, I was out in the front yard with my daughter. The weather had been brisk and following all the rain last week, we needed some time outside. She was busily digging in grandma’s flower beds and trails when I decided to try to hand feed the birds. They were out making use of the feeders that were freshly filled with oilers. I put my hand out and my daughter was busy running about. I tried to encourage her to be still, but then gave up and concentrated on keeping my hand still next to the feeder. Chickadees kept flying in, but were too overwhelmed by this person by their food and the loud, wild, digging one to come close. Time went by, my daughter calmed and my hand remained in place. Birds, mostly chickadees and a nuthatch, settled in the branches above me. Finally they started landing on the feeder. At first few only landed on the feeder to peek around the side and look me in the face. Deciding that I was harmless they went to work eating from the feeder and ignored my hand filled with seeds. I raised it up a bit making it the higher perch, a more attractive place to land. The birds fluttered just past my hand unsure, then suddenly a chickadee, lit. It landed on the outer most part of my longest finger. It looked at me, seemed to cock its head and took a seed. My daughter saw the whole event and said, “Did you have nature in your hand?” Yes I did. Here is a pictures of a chickadee from my sketchbook.


sketched chickadee, One Chickadee, Mary Champagne


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